CAT for translation agencies


All functions that facilitate the work of the translators are equally important for the work of the whole office. Working with CAT tools enables to finish the voluminous and conceptually complex orders in less time than it would take place in a situation when a single translator works on a single text.

If the translation agency works with external translators it can send the translation memory to the translator and thus has the control over the quality of translations. In this way, all the translators working for the translation agencies use the same phrases and terms, and the final translation is consistent stylistically and terminologically.

Using CAT tools in the translation process is important, not only from the perspective of translation agencies, but also from the customer’s point of view. The best solution is to give all your documents that need to be translated to a translation agency. The agency in collaboration with the client is to create customized glossaries which adapts perfectly to the given texts. This guarantees that the documents preserve all the formulas, designs, and consistent translation. This is particularly important for companies that need translation of highly specialized text or where it is important to preserve the specificity of the language, eg. Using texts as marketing. In addition, translation coordinator and coordinator of the project at all times have access to translated texts and can continuously monitor the activities of translators. It also facilitates contact with the customer, because you can keep him informed about the progress of your work.

The use of the CAT tools give you the ability to reduce prices of completed orders. With the help of CAT software translators can work faster, quality of their translations is not decreasing, and the translation agency may support much larger orders in a relatively short time.

The modern, professional translation agency could not function without CAT tools. Anyone who wants to provide the highest quality translations for their customers, deadlines as short as possible and consistent texts with the terminology and proper stylistic, should invest in such software.

What should be a good translator of English? What features should he have in order to be able to guarantee the professional translation of the material? What should we pay attention to looking for such person? For these and other questions I will try to answer in this article.